Sectional Steel Garden Sheds & Home Offices

Sectional Steel Garden Sheds and Home Offices are a man-portable exciting new product range suited ideally to domestic use where a more secure steel shed or home office are required and a long term option is preferred to the traditional timber garden shed. The Home Office Cabins are ideal for those who require extra office space for personal or business reasons.

Our Sectional Steel Garden Sheds and Home Offices Range is a handy alternative and is light enough to be offloaded in sections from a flat bed pick up and carried by two people.  It is made up sections that are small enough to fit through small passageways.  Assembly of Steel Sheds or Home Offices (also known as flatpack or collapsible buildings) will take 2-3 people around 1-2 hours using a socket set (not included).

Sectional Steel Garden Sheds and Home Offices are often also referred to as Flatpacked, Collapsible, Demountable, Foldable or Expandable and are particularly useful wherever access to site or other issues prevent use of pre-fabricated buildings.


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